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General and Contact Information[edit]


Numb3rsfan is a sim "RP" player and a fanfiction writer. She began her RP experience with a Star Trek RP titled Starfleet Defensive Task Force (SDTF) with the character known as Crystal Monroe. After actively simming on SDTF for over a year, Numb3rsfan joined several other Star Trek sims including the USS Quasar, USS Voyager and USS Enterprise J. From there she branched off and created her own Star Trek sim titled Galaxies Fleet which was very successful at first until she made the decision to move the sim to it's own board which caused the downfall and eventual closing of Galaxies Fleet.

Afterwards Numb3rsfan began to write fanfiction, starting with Star Trek Enterprise. She wrote under the name The One while posting several short stories to HOT (House of Tucker) but a rather nasty flame from an HOT editor caused her to quit writing for the site. She switched to writing fanfics for the show Numb3rs, and in keeping with that came her new name 'Numb3rsfan' which she still uses today.

Currently Numb3rsfan writes fanfiction for Emergency, Numb3rs, Ponderosa and the Dukes of Hazzard while her RP sim experience is limited to Stargate: The Next Generation where she plays Captain Sara Cafferey, XO/Engineering/Weapons Specialist SG-3, Major Cypher Borodin, XO AE-3, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Craig,AE-2 CO, Major David Craig; SG-4 CO, Colonel Jake Denton, Expedition Commanding Officer; Excalibur Expedition and Captain Kurt Atreides,Engineering/Medical Specialist SG-1, Captain Lucas Bridger, Chief Medical Officer, USS Aegis, Captain Andrew Parker, AE-1 Sniper, Atlantis Expedition

Her other current sim experiences include Stargate Delta, Stargate: The Next Generation and Team Knight Rider: The New Generation where she a co founder/administrator.

AIM: sg1stories
MSN and primary email address:

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Current Active Characters[edit]

Photo Name Job Faction
Jake McKee 1.jpg Jake McKee
Driver and
Assistant Driver
The Order
HeliosSig.png Helios
AI Ground Based Vehicle The Order
Paul Collins1.jpg Paul Collins
Assistant Lead Programmer FLAG
Sara Graiman.jpg Sarah Graiman
Gabriel Bryant 1.gif Gabriel Bryant
Shadow Hawk's Assistant Driver and Lead Programmer The Order
Jonathan rhys Meyers.jpg August Novacek
Aircraft/Car Designer The Order and FLAG
Jackson Parson.jpg Jackson Parson
Doctor/EMT Paramedic and KI3T's Assistant Driver FLAG