Madeline Morgan

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Madeline Morgan

Name Madeline Rose Morgan (Flynn)
Alias(es) Maddie
Position Civilian, related to Billy Morgan
Gender Female
Born July 10, 2012 in Sacremento, California and is 6 years of age
Status Player Character
OOC Account

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Affiliation FLAG
Avatar Ashley Gerasimovich
Theme Song All the Pretty Little Ponies by Catherine Raney (or Kenny Loggins, same lyrics either way)

Madeline Rose Morgan was once Madeline Rose Flynn. She grew up as a child with a single mother. She is also the six year old daughter of Billy Morgan, though she learned who her father was after her mother's funeral. They have a lot of catching up to do.

Physical Description[edit]

  • Height: 3'
  • Weight: 37.5 lbs
  • Eye Color: brown-hazel
  • Hair Color: light blonde
  • Hair Style: long, straight, and usually down, occasionally in a braid.


Primary and Secondary:

  • Fresno Elementry
  • N/A

Post Secondary Education:

  • N/A

Military Education:

  • N/A


  • Father: Billy Morgan
    • Alive, and is Knight Industries SSC Lead Researcher and Programmer .
  • Mother: Courtney Flynn
    • Deceased.
  • Brother(s): N/A
  • Sister(s): N/A
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A


  • Math - Maddie is a whiz at math. She's a natural. Because of this, she was skipped a grade, from kindergarden to first.
  • Reading - Maddie reads at a sixth grade reading level and is rapidly picking up speed in that department.
  • Getting In (and hopefully out) of Trouble - Maddie is a whiz at getting in hot water. Her natural curosity gets her into trouble, though it feeds her ever-thirsty wish of knowledge.
  • Learning - Maddie loves learning. It also feeds her curosity, which feeds her wish to learn, which continues the lovely circle.


Madeline, or Maddie, is an adorable little girl with warm hazel-brown eyes with light blonde hair she got from her Mama. She is rather short, considering that both her parents were on the tall side (thought that might be because she might possibly be a preemie). She is rather petite and, while she's got that healthy glow, it is a bit noticable that her entire being is a teeny bit on the smaller side.


Maddie takes after her father in one aspect, aside from the whole genius thing, is that social akwardness, which is not her fault. Maddie is, otherwise, a little ball of sunshine. She is rarely without a smile and is always trying to cheer people up, especially her mama. She hugs people out of joy, because she thinks they need it, or because she wants one. Because of her sunny disposition, she sometimes grates on people's nerves.

Maddie is a little kid, however. Despite her genius level IQ, she gets nightmares and is quite innocent. Her intelligence, however, also leads to her often having over-active nightmares about being taken away and experimented on. Mostly because no one she knows of her own age are as smart as her, thus she views herself as an oddity. With that in mind, Maddie's own insecurities grew, despite her intelligence. She may love to learn, but at the same time she dislikes it, since it sets her apart from them.

Maddie's weaknesses include that little strike of innocence and her small size. Because of these two things, Maddie often is thought to be younger then she is. At six, she is more intelligent then most third graders, ostrasizing her from the rest of the students. This compounded her own insecurities and had the little ball of sunshine pull into a little shell, which she still hasn't come out of.


Madeline Rose Flynn was born on the first of July in the year 2014. At the time, her mother, Courtney Flynn, an undeclared local college student who had gone out of Fresno to have the baby. After learning she was pregnant, she had begun avoiding seeing Billy Morgan. Maddie was born early, something that worried Courtney. However, Courtney worried about Billy thinking he had to do anything, so Courtney refused to go after Billy for any support, despite the fact that, as a college student already working full-time technically, she knew Billy would want to help her. Despite knowing, she never pursued any aid from him.

Life passed rather harshly for the pair. Maddie was often tormented for having no father and a mother who worked all night. As such, Maddie was often left with the weird cat lady that lived near them. But, Maddie liked the cats, and she liked the weird cat lady. Even if it all made Maggie have trouble breathing, as she would actually start to have an asthma attack. Wheezing and panting, her mother worried constantly over that, but didn't have the money to have a doctor look her over. As such, Maddie has never been diagnosed with asthma. Because of that, Courtney often supplied Maddie with the things she wanted, within reason.

Courtney, chiefly, gave Maddie a children's dictonary, a Webster dictonary, and a set of encyclopedias, along with a stuffed horse (all from the Goodwill). With that, Maddie began to learn as much as she could from these sources, her stuffed horse Bay-Bay (notice, the stuffed horse was black) under her arm.

By the time Maddie got to Kindergarten, she was so far ahead, it was agreed that Maddie would skip a grade. Courtney signed the slips of paper to do that. Maddie moved up, and became entirely more ostrosized. Younger, yet smarter, they cut her out. With that, Maddie's self-confidence hit rock bottom and the tormentors took their teasing to a whole new level, causing Maddie to run home, crying.

Her mother, being a wonderful woman, calmed her down. Once the girl's breathing evened out, she was sent to the cat-lady's place. One day, when Maddie was six, and in the second grade, her mother was driving to work when something happened. Courtney Flynn died in a car crash and Billy was contacted about the fact he had a six-year old daughter waiting for him...kind-of.



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