Jackson Parson

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Jackson Parson

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Name Jackson Samuel Parson
Alias(es) None
Position Doctor/EMT Paramedic and KI3T's Driver
Gender Male
Born Unknown, estimated to be March of 1991. Age 29
Supposedly Union Missouri
Status Player Character
OOC Account

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Affiliation FLAG,Knight Industries
Avatar Nicholas X Parsons
Theme Song Demons and Angels by Roman Arkhipov

Jackson is hoping to be the Doctor/EMT Paramedic/KI3T's Assistant Driver for FLAG

Physical Description[edit]

  • Height: 5ft 9in
  • Weight: 199 pounds
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dirty Blond
  • Hair Style: Short


Primary and Secondary:

  • Queen Anne Elementary
  • Bakersfield Middle School
  • Union High

Post Secondary Education:

  • Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center

Military Education:

  • N/A


  • Father: Sterling Parson
    • Missing
  • Mother: Rebecca Glatzel Parson
    • Stay at home mother
  • Brother(s): Jacob Marcus Parson
    • Age 17, Baseball Player
  • Sister(s): Tash Parson
    • Age 20, Gone to USAF Basic Training
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


EMT Paramedic, Medium, Clairvoyant, Paranormal Expert and Demonologist.


Tall, thin appearance. Light brown eyes and dirty blondish brown hair. He has no physical scars, only emotional ones given his background.

His fingers are calloused from many years of playing different instruments and composing many pieces of music.


Jackson is normally soft spoken, only getting vocal when he is in his 'paramedic mode.' He is usually kind, compassionate which some people say is one of his greatest faults, as well as supportive almost to a T. However from time to time he will have an episode where his personality will change. Doctors call it a Split Personality Disorder and that he isn't a danger to anyone, however Jackson knows he doesn't have a Split Personality, he has a demonic attachment which takes control from time to time.

Jackson likes working, be it as an EMT-Paramedic or a Paranormal Investigator, which he does part time. He doesn't like to tell people about his past, never knowing for sure what they will say or think about his being able to communicate and remove ghosts and demons from the oppressed. Jackson takes strength from his faith and his work as well as his friends. It keeps him going from day to day, even when things become extremely bad, though his weaknesses stem from the fact that because of his demonic attachment, he never knows what he might do or say while under the influence of the demon.


Jackson Parson was born to Sterling and Rebecca Parson, however that's as much as anyone knows for sure. What Jackson was told is that is was born sometime in 1991, somewhere between Colorado and Missouri. Not remembering having moved at all, Jackson guessed he was born in Union Missouri because he and his parents moved in to what local residents referred to as the “Union Screaming House.”

At the age of 5 Jackson was tormented by the evil in the house on an almost daily basis. He and his parents were devout Christians but that didn't seem to help ward off the demons in the house. Jackson didn't know how it happened but somewhere in the course of his early life the Union Screaming House demons attached themselves to him.

His parents moved out of the house after 10 years, also getting Jackson to a priest named Bishop Robert Davis who preformed many an exorcism on Jackson, but one stubborn demon refused to leave.

When Jackson was 20, he had already gone to college; a vocational college in the hopes of one day becoming an EMT Paramedic. Two months later Jackson passed the Registry, receiving his statewide Paramedic certification.

While searching for a job at the hospitals in town, Jackson began to pursue a part time career as a Paranormal Investigator as well as a Clairvoyant and Demonologist, those being things he understood.

At the age of 29 Jackson is still a certified Paramedic and has continued his pursuits in the Paranormal world. He currently has his own team the Missouri International Ghost Hunting Squad (MIGS), that he works with part time. He also works at the Union Memorial Hospital in Union Missouri but is looking to change jobs.


Jackson is currently aligned with FLAG

He does have a demonic attachment, meaning that at random times the one demon from the Union Screaming House will take over his body. During this time Jackson will have no control over his body or his voice. Normal possession times vary, but it's usually no more than 15 to 30 minutes. The longest was 2 hours.

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