Avatar List

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Here is the current Avatar List for the site, it will include both factions and will be in no particular order. Now for those of you who are wondering, the Face Claim is the same thing as the Avatar List. For OOC accounts you will just see a picture, for actual character accounts you will be directed to the IMDB page for that person, or if there is not enough info, you will be linked to another site for that person.

Complete Avatar List[edit]

Avatar Character/OOC Account Name Character Faction
Sandra Bullock Analisa Johnson TBD
Jonathan Rhys Meyers August Novacek FLAG and The Order
Paul Campbell Billy Morgan FLAG
Kitt-blue-icon-sized.gif Catalyst Spark TKR Moderator
Michelle Rodriguez Cira Knight FLAG
Taylor Lautner Donnie Lenson FLAG
Wayne Kasserman Dylan Fass FLAG
Austin O'Brien Danny Clark FLAG
G8155 Interceptor Current Sig 1.png G8155 Interceptor FLAG
Sean Biggerstaff Gabriel Bryant The Order
Helios Slick1.jpg Helios The Order
Zak Bagans Jake McKee The Order
Rotorheadavvy.png Jetta Windstar TKR TNG Co-Owner
Richard Burgi Jack Hurst The Order
Milla Jovovich Jade Bolton The Order
Christian Kane Kane Aries FLAG
ATTACK KARR 1440x900.jpg KARR Neutral
Jewel Staite Kelsey Tillman TBD
Burn KBoard Icon.png Leathurkatt TKR Moderator and Archivist
Michael Welch Lance Bond TBD
Justin Bruening Mike Traceur FLAG
Numb3rsfan Staff image.png Numb3rsfan TKR Co-Owner
Edward Norton Paul Collins FLAG
Julia Jones Rin Valliere The Order
Shadow-hawk-1.2.jpg Shadow Hawk The Order
Deanna Russo Sarah Graiman FLAG
Alan Tudyk Sean Tillman TBD
Tundra TKR pic.png Tundra TKR Player
400px-001.jpg Victoria Marcus FLAG
Mark Calaway Zachery Marcus The Order
400px-ALICE Hologram.jpg ALICE FLAG
Nicholas X Parsons Jackson Parson FLAG
Rie Fu Yuzuki Umeki TBA
Ashley Gerasimovich Madeline Morgan FLAG
Banana-daquiris.gif Laula TKR Player
Hallee Hirsh Amy Song The Order
Carrie Underwood Ita Montez TBA